Fear, Departure, Insecure, Friends…..

People say that once in a while, a change is good. Well, after staying in one place for the last 12 years of my life, and spending most of my childhood in the same place and making my own small world here,I beg to differ. However, here I am, about to go through one of the hardest changes in my life, leaving behind everything this place has given me and taking with me only memories, and hopefully leaving some behind. When I look at a scene of a train station, it always gives me the goose-bumps of someone’s sad farewell, like someone is leaving everything they ever had, behind. Leaving behind friends, the small small details of the place that you knew at the back of your hand, leaving behind every story that you built in the last few years of your life. As far as the topic of friends is concerned, everyone would say, “What’s there in that, technology has evolved so much, can’t we keep in touch?” But I am sure, most of us would agree that there is a huge difference between reading someone’s mail, or even listening to their voice and actually having physical meeting. Seeing their faces and knowing that they are going to be there for you, like the walls of your house, that you don’t need to check on becauase you know, they are there around, always.
Then again, maybe the change that takes place will happen for the better because as one of the characters from my favourute TV shows says, “You must give up the life you have planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” So maybe something will good will come out of the change and if nothing else, at least I’ll know how much these friends who I have had here mean to me.

But then again with all this said, the fear of losing touch, the fearing of never meeting again, such questions always arise in my mind, and then again, I look at their faces and remember all the memories spent and feel that maybe they’ll never leave me behind no matter how much the distance and making friends as amazing as them again, would be impossible.


We are Human!

I believe in equality of everyone regardless of caste, creed, religion and gender. But let’s all face it, no matter what we say or do, even today women are often treated like they are inferior to men. And I normally would not have said anything but well, today something just caught my eye that made me feel that I need to say something. But before I say anything else, let me also say that I don’t think that all men are the same and I know that there are some very awesome men out there. Hey, I know some REALLY awesome men in my life and I’m sure all of you do but i have also met some really stupid and creepy men who think that women are objects that can be used and then thrown away once you are bored of it so to all you men who think that way, hi. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but you need to know this that the way you think, is wrong. Women have NOT been brought to this Earth for being objects to you. We are humans just like you and we have our rights, just like you and we will not stand being treated like show-pieces that have to be kept in your closets! We will fight and we will let you know that yes, we may not be physically as strong as you at times, but we are not going to sit and watch you treat us and thousands of other women like us as objects.

There was something I found on news that caught my eyes.And let me tell you, I was as angry as the father. ‘How to keep men Interested’ you say. Do we look like T.V shows or movies to you? Because the last time I looked at myself in the mirror I was a human, just like you and not a show that you control with a remote. The man who wrote this letter, the father who wrote to his daughter, was right. We are not born to keep you interested. If you want to know me, know me for what my heart holds, not for what my breasts hold. like me for the way I think and for the way I am, NOT for the curves in my body! I don’t know how you can even have this thought because I doubt if you had a sister, cousin or a mom, if you would look at her in that way. And if you do, then they need to throw you so far away form their lives that not just them, you can’t see another women in you life. I don’t know what makes you think that you have the right to a see women in anyway you like and use them and trow them away like waste paper. How would you like to be treated like that? How would you like being treated like a show-piece? Think about it, think about how people like you have been treating women and how you would have felt if you were treated that way, that is of course, if you have any feeling left in you. You don’t feel pain, love happiness anything! You just have lust, your eyes burn with lust! And after reading all this, you still don’t know how to respect women, don’t know how to treat women, here’s something else for you. Something else you should read and something else that will make you open your eyes.

Before I sign off, I want to once again remind everyone reading this that this does not imply to all men and it’s not just men and even women can be as bad sometimes. I just wanted people who think that we women are their exhibits to explore, let me tell you NO SIR! You can go to a art gallery to feast your eyes but my body is not on show.

Trick or Treat?

Let’s pretend like WordPress is a area where children are coming around Trick or Treating. Each blog post that they get is a candy and each candy has a special something to offer. If one person got my candy and they opened it then he would find motivation. Lots of encouragement. Lots of positive things. This is only because I know what it is like to feel de-motivated. I know what it feels like to feel that everyone around you is doing million times better than you. How it feels to not be praised after working hard. How it feels to have a low self esteem. But cheer up, you are special in your own way. Smile and make the best of it. 🙂

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Someone Who Listens

Someone Who Listens

Words fall short to tell you how much I need to thank you. I really don’t know what to do to show you my gratitude so I thought this is the only way. Make sure the world knows the special place you hold in my heart.
You are not my best friend and frankly, not my closest friend either. You are just a friend, a fellow crazy friend of my Best friend 😛 And someone who I hang out with in the evenings 🙂
But in those little trips I have made, walking back home with you, I have told you a lot of stuff about me. Because when I tell you things, I know you might not find the solution to my problems and maybe not even offer me any consolation but you do a very important thing, which helps me feel much better. You listen and you understand.
Words can’t express how much I want to thank you for listening and understanding. And how much I want to thank God for sending you to me like an angle sent to give me support.
Thank You Anwesha for Always being there 😀

Building Walls

Here is a poem I came up with recently, I have tried to complete it, but can’t see to go any further. So, I thought I’d post it till how  much I have completed and maybe you all can help me go on? So here goes:

The pains I go through, how I feel,
you can only guess.
The tears I hide, The fears I hide,
And my life’s what sort of a mess.
And I may cry inside and die inside,
But my walls won’t let you see.
I’m building walls, I’m building walls,
To stop you from seeing the real me.

I may laugh with you, I may giggle with you,
But people who know me are few.
I may smile at you, I may prance with you,
But for  me faking is nothing new.
And I may cry inside, and die inside,
But my walls won’t let you see.
I’m building walls, I’m building walls,
To stop you from seeing the real me.

My eyes burn eyes burn with the force to be strong,
I’m taunted,cursed and told I am always wrong.
People who love me suddenly turn cold,
Behind close doors such people never let my tears grow old.
And yet, I may cry inside and die inside,
But my walls won’t let you see.
I’m building walls, I’m building walls,
To stop you from seeing the real me.


Laugh, it enhances the glow on your face.
Live life to the fullest, it is too short to live it filled with worries.
Life, enjoy every moment of this wonderful adventure
Lose, it is something we do sometimes, but failures should be accepted with a smile.
Lonely and insecure, it is something we feel sometimes, left behind, but it helps us become stronger.
Luck, it may ditch us sometimes but have faith.
Loyal, be a friend who describes this adjective.
Love, even the people who hate you, make the world  a better place 😀

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Don’t Let it Slip

If I could pause life and spend time with my family, it wouldn’t be anywhere in particular, but would be a place where we could all play our usual family games. In our rush of daily life, sometimes we forget our own family. At office colleagues are there to give us company, at school it is friends, but we forget that in a place called home there is a family, and it is always they in the end who’ll really be there. It often seems like, our house is just this place where we come to take rest after a tiring and long day, and a place where we eat. But that makes a house, not a home. A home is not built just with bricks but each brick has a unique warmth and love. That is why if I could stop time I’d stop it to play the various family games that we play. Hangman, Skateboarding, Angry Birds, JAM and so many more. Even though we do play these games quite often, more often than not it is in a hurry. My dad has to think of what he is going to in office the next day, my mom is busy wondering what she should cook for dinner, my sister is thinking which assignment’s deadline she has to meet and I am wondering what homework I have submit the next day. But since this can only be a fragment of my imagination, I’d rather play these games as often as I can and store these sweet moments up in my memories, making sure, I don’t let it slip.

I love you my Family 🙂

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Unlucky.. Really???

Unlucky.. Really???

Yesterday was the Friday the 13th. Well, I didn’t really know till this morning I saw a post on my reader. I though for a while, had my day been unlucky? Bad? In fact had anything gone wrong?? In fact my day went just perfect. I wonder where have all these superstitions come from. I mean stuff like, if a black cat crosses your path, it will be bad luck. I mean the poor cat is just crossing the bloody road. You don’t own the road do you?? The cat can walk wherever it likes, you don’t have any right on it. Then my Mom believes that if you see a lone Mayna, it’s bad luck. Really? Have we ever wondered how we would feel if we were called bad luck for just crossing someone’s path?? I mean all we do us cross the path and Tadaa!! we are bad luck. In fact, maybe black cats should call us bad luck right? Because whenever it crosses our path, it gets accused for something it hasn’t done, so we become bad luck to it right?
Life is full of ups and downs. The ups in our life come through our hard work and the downs in our life come either because we do something, or some fool is telling us something that is affecting us adversely. The best way to ease the pain of the downs is by admitting the mistake if it is ours and by ignoring words about us that we know are lies.
Smile and live life to the fullest cause the wrinkle above your eye-brows that form when you are tensed, upset or worried, snatch the beauty that God has given you, from your face 🙂

Another World

We smell the essence of each and everything around us. We smell the flowers around us, filling the air with a beautiful aroma. We sometimes smell the perfume of a best friend who is walking next to us. But some smells are just abstract. In the sense, they are not really things that you can smell but rather something that you feel. But somehow, in some indescribable way, they too can be smelled. And that one abstract thing, that when I smell transports me to another beautiful world is the most pure four lettered word, LOVE.

Love is a special feeling that can be found everywhere. If you walk down the streets, you’ll find a couple holding hands and walking happily, or maybe a brother helping his little sister to walk, or maybe just two best friends laughing and talking. They are all different types of people, with different thoughts but the one thing that connects them all, is love. The feeling to always stand up for someone you care, that is love. The feeling of always making them smile, that is love. The feeling to protect them all the time and make sure that no harm comes to them, that is love. The feeling to die yourself but make sure that not even the smallest of all troubles get to them, that is love. A feeling that two lovers share when they engrave their names on trees, the feeling that a mother feels, when she holds her new born child in her hand, a feeling that a sister feels when her brother hugs her tight to make her feel safe, all this is nothing but a simple feeling of love.

Love is simple, all you need to do is admit that you do love, if not to the person you love, at least to yourself, but we all make it complex. We either have ego, fear or just too much hatred within us to open up to ourselves and see where the love in our heart is.
So look around you and find that one person in your life for whom you’d be ready to do anything, for whom you’d be ready to lose anything, for whom you’d be ready to sacrifice anything. Find that one special person who has brought sunshine into your dark life, that one person who has made way for rays of hope to enter between clouds of hopelessness, and admit it to the person, whether it be your mom, your dad, your sister or any friend whom you love. Throw all your ego, all your fear and all your hatred and hug that person and tell them you love them, confess to them and smell the purity of the most beautiful feeling that transports to ‘Another World’.

Another World

Dear Dada

By nature I am not at all a frank person. My trust has been shattered many times and therefore, from experience, I am scared to trust anyone fully. Till a few years back, my only trust would be Akhila, but nearly two years ago, you came into my life. My first impression of you was that you were very quiet and reserved, and in a way, maybe my judgment about you was not wrong. But what did go wrong in that judgment was that I missed out a few very important details about you and well, I did not know just how important they’d be in my life.

I know that very often, by what people say and think about you, you feel hurt and down and low about yourself, but dada, you have no idea just how special you are. You are one unique person in this world and no one can ever replace you. You might not be the best person in the entire world and you may have many drawbacks but you still are very special, in your own unique way. You have qualities in you that are so nice, but you fail to recognize them because you go by what people tell and think about you. Dada, I know I have told this to you before but i just need to tell you again that you are that amazing big brother whom I always wished for, but never had. Dada thank you for always being there.

Lots of Love

Chamkeeli (Sunshine)

Big Bro