Happy Father’s Day

This letter is written straight from my heart to a man who is very special in my life and will continue to hold a special place that no one will be able to replace.Dear Puppa,

Let’s face it, we are not very close. We don’t talk too much with each other. You hardly ever know what’s up with my friends and school and I don;t about your office life is either. Through all this I have often told you, though i don’t know how often you have really understood that Puppa, I really love you. You are an amazing man. the most awesome dad one could ever wish for. The one who sits next to me in the evenings no matter how tired he is, telling me what sin and cos are. The one who’ll always remind me that potential difference and electric potential have a difference. the one who’ll keep reminding me without fail just how important it for me to do well. the one who’ll always plan out the most amazing family fun times for new year and Christmas and other awesome occasions. The one who make amazing plans for going out for movies and never even tells us the one who watches all our choreographed dances hundred times and still watches it again. the one who is always just there, like a wall in a house. You don’t need to confirm everyday if they are there or not, you just know, they are there, keeping you safe from the cold, the heat, intruders and all sorts of problems.
Thank you Puppa for being such an awesome dad that everyone is jealous of me. Thank you for being such an awesome dad who takes my insecurities and kicks them away like Pele. thank you for being there. Thank you for being the awesome manthat you are.

Here’s wishing you a happy and amazing father’s day!!!


We are Human!

I believe in equality of everyone regardless of caste, creed, religion and gender. But let’s all face it, no matter what we say or do, even today women are often treated like they are inferior to men. And I normally would not have said anything but well, today something just caught my eye that made me feel that I need to say something. But before I say anything else, let me also say that I don’t think that all men are the same and I know that there are some very awesome men out there. Hey, I know some REALLY awesome men in my life and I’m sure all of you do but i have also met some really stupid and creepy men who think that women are objects that can be used and then thrown away once you are bored of it so to all you men who think that way, hi. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but you need to know this that the way you think, is wrong. Women have NOT been brought to this Earth for being objects to you. We are humans just like you and we have our rights, just like you and we will not stand being treated like show-pieces that have to be kept in your closets! We will fight and we will let you know that yes, we may not be physically as strong as you at times, but we are not going to sit and watch you treat us and thousands of other women like us as objects.

There was something I found on news that caught my eyes.And let me tell you, I was as angry as the father. ‘How to keep men Interested’ you say. Do we look like T.V shows or movies to you? Because the last time I looked at myself in the mirror I was a human, just like you and not a show that you control with a remote. The man who wrote this letter, the father who wrote to his daughter, was right. We are not born to keep you interested. If you want to know me, know me for what my heart holds, not for what my breasts hold. like me for the way I think and for the way I am, NOT for the curves in my body! I don’t know how you can even have this thought because I doubt if you had a sister, cousin or a mom, if you would look at her in that way. And if you do, then they need to throw you so far away form their lives that not just them, you can’t see another women in you life. I don’t know what makes you think that you have the right to a see women in anyway you like and use them and trow them away like waste paper. How would you like to be treated like that? How would you like being treated like a show-piece? Think about it, think about how people like you have been treating women and how you would have felt if you were treated that way, that is of course, if you have any feeling left in you. You don’t feel pain, love happiness anything! You just have lust, your eyes burn with lust! And after reading all this, you still don’t know how to respect women, don’t know how to treat women, here’s something else for you. Something else you should read and something else that will make you open your eyes.

Before I sign off, I want to once again remind everyone reading this that this does not imply to all men and it’s not just men and even women can be as bad sometimes. I just wanted people who think that we women are their exhibits to explore, let me tell you NO SIR! You can go to a art gallery to feast your eyes but my body is not on show.

Welcoming Myself Back!

So it’s been ages since I last wrote. I had exams and then I was going through this phase where I became really demotivated and that just continued so I never really wrote. I was down in the dumps day in and day out and was literally forcing myself to do stuff. And then suddenly one day, I just felt like maybe, all my feeling and thoughts, I am not venting them out. Not sharing them, not telling them. My insecurities, my fears, my joys, my excitements, maybe I needed to tell it all out. And that was that. I decided that, “WordPress, here I come!”
I am really excited to be back and write again. I don’t know how much all my followers missed me but I do know that I missed this awesome platform a lot! I missed the feeling of coming home and then writing out my feelings on WordPress. I missed people commenting and telling me weather they agreed with me or not, missed people encouraging me and telling me everything will be fine. Missed reading the feelings and thoughts and experiences of others. I feel WordPress is this whole package that just keeps me going everyday, giving me a way to vent out all those feelings that I keep with myself.

So today, 31st May 2014, I welcome myself back to WordPress. And I must say, I am glad to be back πŸ˜€

Black or White?

Being the ‘Little Miss Councilor’ among your acquaintances has its pros and cons. The good part, which is what I love, is that i have always get to make people feel better about themselves, teach them to love themselves for who they are but the bad part is this that sometimes I get caught between conflicts of two friends and they want to me to point out who is right and all they give me is two options. Either he is right, or I am. I mean I could have made them see reason right? But no, they want either of the two answers.
Personally, what I believe in, is that things are both black and white you have to just get into the others shoes and look at thing from their perspective so that you can understand their point of you and then maybe realise that maybe, just maybe you have gone wrong somewhere. People please, stop being blind to other perspectives just because they don’t match yours, open up to new ideas and views and explore, who knows, you may just realise that you like this new thing even better than you loved your old one. Just because you can only see one side of an object and that side is black does not mean that the person on the other side, seeing the white side of the object is wrong. Nor does it mean that you black side is better. Just shift from position and see from their position and who knows, the object just might look prettier white.

Black or White

Trick or Treat?

Let’s pretend like WordPress is a area where children are coming around Trick or Treating. Each blog post that they get is a candy and each candy has a special something to offer. If one person got my candy and they opened it then he would find motivation. Lots of encouragement. Lots of positive things. This is only because I know what it is like to feel de-motivated. I know what it feels like to feel that everyone around you is doing million times better than you. How it feels to not be praised after working hard. How it feels to have a low self esteem. But cheer up, you are special in your own way. Smile and make the best of it. πŸ™‚

Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt.

Thank You Everybody

Whenever I want to sit down and write a tribute to someone, one thing always confuses, who should I write the tribute to? There are so many people who we meet throughout our lives and whether we are close to them or not, at some point of time in our life, they all make a difference. Β Since wordpress has told me through its Daily Prompt that tomorrow the whole community, whoever comprises my little world , is going to see my blog, I have decided to tribute everyone and thank them all.

So, in the list of all those people whom I want to thank, topping the list will obviously be my Mumma and Puppa, they are very supportive people and very understanding. They may hurt me unknowingly at times, but I know their intentions are always to do the best for me. So thank you so much for being there. Next, of course, follows my sister, she makes we do all her work but still I love her. πŸ˜› She too hurts me lots of times but I know she loves me a lot, how much, maybe no one will ever know. Next I would thank the rest of my family, my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and even those relations whom I have only heard of and never met, thank you for being a par of my family and making me lucky to have relatives as supportive and fun as all of you. πŸ™‚ Next would follow a few special friends, starting with Akhila, my bestie and a friend who is one in a million. She is lazy, crazy and often pretends to be dumb πŸ˜› But she is understanding, supportive and has made me feel special about me, thank you Akhila for always being there. Next will follow Neha, what would I do without her. Her inspiring words and smiling face puts all my troubles at rest. Her stress free attitude has helped me change my perspective in life. Thank you for coming to my life a God sent Angle. Next would be the ‘Great Visalakshi’ πŸ˜› Jokes apart, she has made a drastic change in my life and helped me be strong, and of course taught me to be responsible and organised. Thank you very much πŸ™‚ Next comes of course Aadil, the guy with a low self esteem of himself but always there to encourage me and listen to my problems. My face is enough to tell him when I am upset, my mouth never needs to speak only. I still wonder how we were enemies in fourth grade, such silly kids. Thank you for coming into my life. πŸ™‚ Next is Anwesha, what would I do without a friend like you who listens and understands. Thank you for coming into my life, even though it has been only a small amount of time, you have made a huge difference.Next would be none other thank Saurav Dada for alwyas being that big brother whom I have never had and showing me the right way and always being so supportive. Thank you so much. Next will come of course IPKKND! That is something that must not be forgotten. First I would love to thank the directors, Lalit Mohan and Arshad Khan for making such a wonderful serial. Next I would like to thank the Production House, 4 Lions Films which would of course include thanking Gul Khan. then I would love to thank every single one of the actors, Sanaya Irani, for making that Khushi come to life who inspired me to be different and be strong, Barun Sobti, for making the ASR come to life and showing me why people behave in certain ways, Deepali Pansare for making the sweetest Payal ever, Akshay Dogra for being the cutest brother and Akash ever, Dajeet Bhanot, for making the cutest sister as Anjali, Abhaas Mehta, for making the best villain ever and for making me love to hate you πŸ˜› Utkarsha Nair for making me laugh with you ‘Hello Hie Bye Bye’ even when I was upset, Jayshree.T for aking the most adorable Nani ever, Karan Goddwani for making the most lovable brother i wish I had as NK, Sanjay Batra for being such an understanding father and enlightening me with some very good philosophies on life, Pyomori Mehta for being such a nice Garima, Abha Parmar, for being such a nice and cute Buaji, Swati Chintis, for being such a nice Dadi, whom again I loved to hate, Sana Khan for being such an awesome Lavanya ot La πŸ˜› Madhura Naik for being an awesome villain Sheetal and Finally Vishhesh Bansal for being the cute little Aarav. Without all of you, IPKKND would have never been what it was. It is a shame it had to end. Also I would LOVE to thank everybody else behind the success of this great show and making it my best friend.
After all this, I would love to thank everyone else who has come in to my life, be it for a moment for a long period of time, all you people have contributed in making a huge difference in my life. All my classmates since I was a kid till now, in 9th, for being such entertaining friends. Thanks to all those people who have hurt, insulted and back-stabbed me, because all of you have helped me in being stronger.
And Finally thank you to the most important person, Devimaiyya (God) without whom, I would have broken long ago, but She gave me strength to be strong, Thank you so much.
There is not one person in my life so far who has not made a difference. You may not have given solutions to me problems but you have helped me laugh, smile, enjoy and helped me become stronger. Thank you everyone. πŸ™‚

Yesterday’s Daily Post

Someone Who Listens

Someone Who Listens

Words fall short to tell you how much I need to thank you. I really don’t know what to do to show you my gratitude so I thought this is the only way. Make sure the world knows the special place you hold in my heart.
You are not my best friend and frankly, not my closest friend either. You are just a friend, a fellow crazy friend of my Best friend πŸ˜› And someone who I hang out with in the evenings πŸ™‚
But in those little trips I have made, walking back home with you, I have told you a lot of stuff about me. Because when I tell you things, I know you might not find the solution to my problems and maybe not even offer me any consolation but you do a very important thing, which helps me feel much better. You listen and you understand.
Words can’t express how much I want to thank you for listening and understanding. And how much I want to thank God for sending you to me like an angle sent to give me support.
Thank You Anwesha for Always being there πŸ˜€

Parent Teacher Meeting

Finally the thing, which I have been waiting for, as well as not waiting for, has come. My PTA meeting is finally here. I am scared about what my teachers are going to say, as well as excited. Fingers Crossed πŸ˜›

Building Walls

Here is a poem I came up with recently, I have tried to complete it, but can’t see to go any further. So, I thought I’d post it till how Β much I have completed and maybe you all can help me go on? So here goes:

The pains I go through, how I feel,
you can only guess.
The tears I hide, The fears I hide,
And my life’s what sort of a mess.
And I may cry inside and die inside,
But my walls won’t let you see.
I’m building walls, I’m building walls,
To stop you from seeing the real me.

I may laugh with you, I may giggle with you,
But people who know me are few.
I may smile at you, I may prance with you,
But for Β me faking is nothing new.
And I may cry inside, and die inside,
But my walls won’t let you see.
I’m building walls, I’m building walls,
To stop you from seeing the real me.

My eyes burn eyes burn with the force to be strong,
I’m taunted,cursed and told I am always wrong.
People who love me suddenly turn cold,
Behind close doors such people never let my tears grow old.
And yet, I may cry inside and die inside,
But my walls won’t let you see.
I’m building walls, I’m building walls,
To stop you from seeing the real me.


Laugh, it enhances the glow on your face.
Live life to the fullest, it is too short to live it filled with worries.
Life, enjoy every moment of this wonderful adventure
Lose, it is something we do sometimes, but failures should be accepted with a smile.
Lonely and insecure, it is something we feel sometimes, left behind, but it helps us become stronger.
Luck, it may ditch us sometimes but have faith.
Loyal, be a friend who describes this adjective.
Love, even the people who hate you, make the worldΒ  a better place πŸ˜€

Inspired by: Today daily prompt