Black or White?

Being the ‘Little Miss Councilor’ among your acquaintances has its pros and cons. The good part, which is what I love, is that i have always get to make people feel better about themselves, teach them to love themselves for who they are but the bad part is this that sometimes I get caught between conflicts of two friends and they want to me to point out who is right and all they give me is two options. Either he is right, or I am. I mean I could have made them see reason right? But no, they want either of the two answers.
Personally, what I believe in, is that things are both black and white you have to just get into the others shoes and look at thing from their perspective so that you can understand their point of you and then maybe realise that maybe, just maybe you have gone wrong somewhere. People please, stop being blind to other perspectives just because they don’t match yours, open up to new ideas and views and explore, who knows, you may just realise that you like this new thing even better than you loved your old one. Just because you can only see one side of an object and that side is black does not mean that the person on the other side, seeing the white side of the object is wrong. Nor does it mean that you black side is better. Just shift from position and see from their position and who knows, the object just might look prettier white.

Black or White