Being Strong

Just another attempt at writing a poem form random inspiration. Plus I am trying to get back to writing on my blog because since I have come to boarding school I have not written anything. I was thinking for quite a while but I couldn’t because I wasn’t getting any inspiration first and then I got caught with school. So, here goes.

When the words you speak,
Don’t match your thoughts,
And You’re trying to be strong.
You’re building shields,
To protect yourself,
To protect yourself from the wrong.

And when darkness engulfs all around,
And leaves you fumbling for the switch,
With adjusting iris and stumbling about,
You realise,
There is a n electrical glitch.

Yet you adjust yourself,
With hope and pretense,
That everything will be alright.
And you make your way,
And push yourself,
Patiently waiting for the lights.

With silences giving you cruel hugs,
And the piercing winds leaving you cold,
You still move on and go forward,
Hoping to meet someone,
Whose trustworthy shoulders you can hold.

You tell yourself you’ll be alright,
You tell that even though you know,
It’s a lie.
But you prefer it this way,
We both know, you’ll never show your weaknesses,
Let alone cry.

You don’t want people to know you are scared,
You don’t want your weaknesses to show.
You don’t want the sympathy from hypocrites,
Or from fake back-stabbers,
Who in trouble, inevitably let you go.

So you fake your smile and what you feel,
No matter that you’re still cold,
And the silence is still piercing you,
And no one is keeping you,
In their protective hold.

When the words you speak,
Don’t match your thoughts,
And you’re trying to be strong.
You’re building shields to protect yourself,
Protect yourself from the wrong.

That’s what I wrote, it was just sudden surge of inspiration.
I hope you people like it. 🙂