Why Did I hate Snape?

When I started reading Harry Potter this year, the only person I thought I could possibly hate was Voldemort, I mean who doesn’t hate him? But as I continued to read, I realized that I detested Snape just as much as I hated Voldemort and maybe, in some points of time, even more. I used go to bed at night, cursing Snape and wishing that he died. I used tell all these feelings to my sister, who had already read the series of book before. When I used to curse Snape, she used to always tell me to try and not hate Snape because I’d regret it later, but I always laughed it off. Then I reached the later books and it seemed that maybe Snape wasn’t that bad, even though I didn’t love him or something, he was okay. But then he killed Dumbledore, and I made my sister’s poor ears sore by making her listen to how she had told me not to hate Snape that much and what he had ended up doing. I was angry at everyone, Snape, my sister, Dumbledore (Though I don’t know why) but I was. Then I reached the last book, where many more people died along the way, and many more tears were shed from my eyes, and then I came to know that Snape had killed Dumbledore, because Dumbledore had asked him to do so. I was stunned and didn’t know how to react. Later in the book Snape died and that’s when it struck me why my sister used to tell me not to hate Snape. I cried buckets of tears with regret, upset at myself, wondering why I cursed him and why I hated him, and now, he’s gone.

Life is something similar, you have to be be careful what you speak to someone and how you speak to someone, we never know, when it is the last time we’ll meet them, and then we’ll sit and regret just like I did, after Snape died.




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A Story from A-Z

A beautiful Monday morning greeted me as I woke up, I wanted to go out and enjoy the day. But as it was a Monday, I needed to get up and get ready for school. Cursing my luck, I got up and went towards the washroom to get ready. Dreaming about that day as I was having a bath, made me late for my bus. Exasperated at being late, I hurried to finish my breakfast and get to the bus-stand. Finally, after running till my bus-stand, I reached there just in time for my bus to leave. Giving my thanks to God for saving me, I went and took a seat. Hoping that the day would be less exhausting than how it had started, I watched as the scenery, rushed past me, as the bus went on its way to school. I reached school, and walked lazily towards my class, surprised at the how unusually quite the corridors were. Just as I reached my class and kept my bag on the chair, I realized that all the children had already left for the morning assembly. Keeping my bag properly on the chair, I rushed out of class, towards the hall, to join my class.
“Late again?” a voice asked behind me, as I crept into the hall to take my place without being noticed.
Mumbling curses at whoever had caught me being late for the second time that I week, I turned to face the person who had spoken. Niharika Ma’m’s stern face greeted my face as I turned around.
“Oh God!” I thought, “Did she have to catch me again?” Patting my dress to brush away the wrinkles on it, I started at her as I wondered how I was supposed to answer her question. Quite a while passed in the odd silence and now I was starting to get nervous. Realizing that she was waiting for me to answer the question, all I could do was silently nod. Still looking at me with the same frustration in her eyes, she walked away from there. Until her figure completely disappeared I just stood there, expecting the worst. Valuable time kept ticking as I just stood there, wondering if I should go and join my class or continue to stand there. Wishing the assembly would get over a little faster, I just kept standing there like a pillar. Xylophones played in the background, as the assembly carried on. Yes, I thought as the xylophones played the beats of the school anthem, it just showed that the assembly was going to end. Zealously I prayed that my day wouldn’t get nay worse that this.

Story From A-Z