Is It Time Yet?

I look impatiently at the clock. It is definitely ticking slower than usual. Ten minutes ago it showed 8:25 pm and now ten minutes later the time hasn’t changed. Or maybe ten minutes haven’t really passed but it just seems that way to me. It is really awkward but when you want time to pass, it never does. I guess they are not wrong when they say ‘a watched pot never boils.’ I have been waiting for the last two hours for 8:30 to come but the time has been stuck at 8:25 only. I hold my book tightly and force my eyes to move away from the clock, to my History book. I read two pages, and then somewhat involuntarily my eyes move towards the clock again. It reads 8:29 this time. One minute of not studying, cannot do that much harm, I think. I debate with myself if I should go one minute early or not. By the time the debate is over and the conclusion has been made it is already 8:31. I push my books aside and then run towards my computer chair. I turn on the computer and open YouTube to watch the thing that I have been waiting to watch since ages. I know Visalakshi and Neha have finished watching it two hours ago. I guess that is the advantage of having a T.V at home, you can watch serials on time.
Oh! By the way I forgot to introduce myself. I am Chamkeeli. Visalakshi and Neha are two of my closet friends. They both have a T.V at home, and have finished watching our favorite serial, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, fondly called IPKKND. The serial is like a friend to all of us, to keep us happy and cheerful.
Anyway, my serial has loaded and I start watching. A plethora of emotions come flooding out as I watch the serial. I abuse Arnav for hurting Khushi. Console Khushi to make her smile. Laugh at Mami’s craziness and smile at Arnav and Khushi’s romance. Soon the serial is over. I can’t believe the twenty minutes have passed so fast. The episode was as usual, amazing. I close the computer and rush towards my phone, it is time to call Visalakshi and discuss the episode. Visalakshi and I debate over the episode and discuss what can possibly be the future story. Soon my mother is calling for dinner. Throughout dinner my eyes stray to the clock. I’m only at the table physically, mentally I am somewhere far away, wondering how long is left to watch the next episode. It is 9:00 pm, there are twenty three and a half hours left. I sigh and finish my dinner, it is 9:30 now, twenty three hours more. By the time I am ready for sleeping, it is ten and there twenty two and a half hours left now. I settle comfortably on my bed, close my eyes and go off into a peaceful slumber.

Clearly form the above situation, you can understand that I am desperate to watch my serial. Naturally if a serial is like a best friend to you, you would want to watch it right? Everyone in my house, that is my Mom and Dad, know very well that at the dinner table my mood is decided by what happens in my serial and if that particular day’s episode was good or not. When the episode goes well, my mood is hyper, but when it does not, I just sit depressed and don’t talk to anyone, and no one even tries to make me talk because they know I won’t.

When you enter class after a two day weekend, you ask your friend, “How was your weekend?” or “What did you do?” But not for me and my friends, coming to school after means, “What do you think will happen next?”
In fact, every word that the teacher tells, makes us remember something related to IPKKND. Every second word that our teacher tells gets a silly smile on our face.
Teacher: Feelings….
My Friends and I: (Smile)
Teacher: Wire Gauge….
My friends and I: (Smile)

It has been nearly 10 months since IPKKND has ended but the magic of IPKKND is still alive like a blazing fire in our hearts. Even today when I sit to study at 6:30 pm, I look at the watch and wait, when I can go on YouTube and watch old IPKKND scenes and re-live all those old memories. Even today I wait for the clock to tick and I keep asking, “Is it time yet?”