Creating a Better World for our Family

Hello all you people out there! This time I am going to be posting something to help an NGO raise donations that it is in need of!

“Vasudevaya Kutumbikam”- The world is my family; and we care about our family even though they may not be like us.  We share our Earth, our universal home, with all animals and so they are all a part of our family. Just because we are unable to understand the way they express does not hinder us from responding to their cries for help. Thane SPCA gives you a way to listen and respond to these cries for help. You make a difference in creating a better life for animals by treating their injuries, we just make the path to it easier. With the 24/7 doctors on board with us along with your support, we could ensure that our four-legged family members get nothing but the best! Your little could help calm whimpers of those in need. With us, you could be the voice for those who need to be understood.

To join us on this journey you could contribute by clicking the link below!


All you animal lovers out there, no matter where you live, it would be great help if you did contribute!




Happily Ever After

“Once upon a time there was a young and beautiful lady and then a lot of things happened in her life which ultimately led to her meeting a handsome prince and living happily ever after.” All of us have heard of or read stories like this. Growing up, they were what all of us wanted, a happily ever after. But recently I realised that ‘happily ever afters’ are so much beyond meeting the ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ soulmate. So then what is a ‘happily ever after?’

Every day, in every milestone of our lives we meet so many people. Some we strike friendships with, some we don’t really click, some we don’t like and some who we don’t we remember. The ones who do stick around though are the ones we all want to hold on to forever. We want to make it last, we want things to stay the same. It’s a nice and ambitious plan, only problem being things won’t stay the same because with time everyone changes. And not in any negative sense. People grow, they learn, they experience and everyone changes in big and small ways. If two people can’t change together, no matter how differently they both change and can’t embrace the changes that take place, those ‘forevers’ are unlikely to last. How many times have we thought of someone as a forever and watched it disappear as we have both grown up. And how many more times have we been in a relation which we thought was our ‘happily ever after’ and watched that disappear?

So, I decided to change my take on my happily ever after, look at it from a different side, give it some perspective. Moments are fleeting, they come and go before we even realise. I think it is important to catch on to as many moments as we can because each moment is a happily ever after. It is a happily ever after for that second and that memory it leaves is the happily ever after for a lifetime. Who said life needs one happily ever after? It could be made up of multiple and each with different people. From you parents, to your friends, from strangers you meet and laugh with once to every time you spend a happy moment with yourself. Everyone of those feelings is a happily ever after. Hold on to them, but don’t expect them to happen forever. For as you grow and build in life, you will realise every moment that you had and you will have can all build into the perfect idea of a happily ever after, not because there would be no sad moments but anyway, without these sad moments how would we appreciate our happy ones? Everyone has a happily ever after, be it with people you met and then forgotten or be it people with whom you have made lasting relations. Happily ever afters don’t have to be forever, they can simple be each individual moment, each one a little comforting ever after.

Someone Who Believes I Can

Many people in the world have lots of confidence in them and don’t need to be told that they can do something. Others, if have just one person to tell, they can do it, they’ll manage. Finally the third category is for those people who can’t manage with just one person telling them they can do it. They need many and if by any chance too many people tell them they can’t, they suffer a lot. This fact, no one can no better than me.
I have nearly grown up hearing all the time that I can’t. There were few people who seemed to believe that I could do something. There was only my sister who seemed to always believe that I could do things. That I wasn’t as useless as I felt. However, it just never seemed enough. Maybe I was a person who needed a bit too much but well, that was me and I couldn’t help it. I never trusted people too much and have always been distanced as I never found the perfect friend. Someone who really cared. Going to school was always my biggest nightmare. Thanks to God though, at the age of 4 I found a girl who used to study in my school. We started as a ‘Hie’ friends but soon got very close, especially when we realized that we live near each other. Unfortunately for me she changed school at the age of 5.  School continued to be a nightmare and all I could do was find excuses to bunk school. We met in the evening though. She was my bestest friend and will always remain so. She has been like an angel sent from heaven. The one who trusted and believed me like no one else had ever done. She always made me feel that that I could. For the first time I felt that I could and this would never have been possible without her. Akhila, that’s her name. She was always there for me when I needed her. She has given me a shoulder to cry all the time and wiped my tears dry. Cursed and helped me forget those who have been mean to me and was cheerful and happy when I was. Now that I think about it, life probably would have been impossible if she hadn’t come. I would have never felt like I could. With each passing year of school life I felt more confident of who I was and what I could do. At the age of 10 due to her father’s job change she had to leave but even from another country she always had the time. She was never too busy to help me feel okay. A whole year passed without her but even through the huge distance I never felt her absence. It was like she was always there for me.
Now one year later she is back but she still hasn’t lost hope from me. Even today she believes that even if no one else can, I can do it. Even now she knows how to make my smile never disappear. Today if I am writing then it is only because of her. I had always thought that writing was not my cup of tea but because my sister wrote I tried my hand at it too. To tell the truth, even I know that it is not my thing to write but even now she has not let me lose hope. She is still there next to me to tell me that even I can write. She hears my plots and pushes me till I finally complete. Today sitting in front of the computer and writing makes me realise had it not been for her, I would have stopped writing long ago but only because she believed that I could do it too was the reason I continued. Today I may not be an amazing writer or the most successful person but one thing I always know is that whatever happens I can do what I want to. All I need to know that I am not alone. She will always and forever be there with me. Right now, for every moment that she has made special, all I can do is thank God for sending the most wonderful birthday gift on my fourth birthday. The person who believes ‘I can’.

Image– Picture from this site