Happy Father’s Day

This letter is written straight from my heart to a man who is very special in my life and will continue to hold a special place that no one will be able to replace.Dear Puppa,

Let’s face it, we are not very close. We don’t talk too much with each other. You hardly ever know what’s up with my friends and school and I don;t about your office life is either. Through all this I have often told you, though i don’t know how often you have really understood that Puppa, I really love you. You are an amazing man. the most awesome dad one could ever wish for. The one who sits next to me in the evenings no matter how tired he is, telling me what sin and cos are. The one who’ll always remind me that potential difference and electric potential have a difference. the one who’ll keep reminding me without fail just how important it for me to do well. the one who’ll always plan out the most amazing family fun times for new year and Christmas and other awesome occasions. The one who make amazing plans for going out for movies and never even tells us the one who watches all our choreographed dances hundred times and still watches it again. the one who is always just there, like a wall in a house. You don’t need to confirm everyday if they are there or not, you just know, they are there, keeping you safe from the cold, the heat, intruders and all sorts of problems.
Thank you Puppa for being such an awesome dad that everyone is jealous of me. Thank you for being such an awesome dad who takes my insecurities and kicks them away like Pele. thank you for being there. Thank you for being the awesome manthat you are.

Here’s wishing you a happy and amazing father’s day!!!