Creating a Better World for our Family

Hello all you people out there! This time I am going to be posting something to help an NGO raise donations that it is in need of!

“Vasudevaya Kutumbikam”- The world is my family; and we care about our family even though they may not be like us.  We share our Earth, our universal home, with all animals and so they are all a part of our family. Just because we are unable to understand the way they express does not hinder us from responding to their cries for help. Thane SPCA gives you a way to listen and respond to these cries for help. You make a difference in creating a better life for animals by treating their injuries, we just make the path to it easier. With the 24/7 doctors on board with us along with your support, we could ensure that our four-legged family members get nothing but the best! Your little could help calm whimpers of those in need. With us, you could be the voice for those who need to be understood.

To join us on this journey you could contribute by clicking the link below!


All you animal lovers out there, no matter where you live, it would be great help if you did contribute!




Don’t Let it Slip

If I could pause life and spend time with my family, it wouldn’t be anywhere in particular, but would be a place where we could all play our usual family games. In our rush of daily life, sometimes we forget our own family. At office colleagues are there to give us company, at school it is friends, but we forget that in a place called home there is a family, and it is always they in the end who’ll really be there. It often seems like, our house is just this place where we come to take rest after a tiring and long day, and a place where we eat. But that makes a house, not a home. A home is not built just with bricks but each brick has a unique warmth and love. That is why if I could stop time I’d stop it to play the various family games that we play. Hangman, Skateboarding, Angry Birds, JAM and so many more. Even though we do play these games quite often, more often than not it is in a hurry. My dad has to think of what he is going to in office the next day, my mom is busy wondering what she should cook for dinner, my sister is thinking which assignment’s deadline she has to meet and I am wondering what homework I have submit the next day. But since this can only be a fragment of my imagination, I’d rather play these games as often as I can and store these sweet moments up in my memories, making sure, I don’t let it slip.

I love you my Family 🙂

Inspired by: Today’s Daily Prompt