Much More Than What Meets The Eye

Hindi serials are almost always associated with drama and what people normally call ‘unrealistic’. I mean let me admit, even though I enjoy watching and being on track with most serials, even I look at things going on sometimes and roll my eyes and say, “That does not happen in real life.” Of course, it is also me who had acknowledged in a previous post that one of my closest friends, who taught me a lot, was a Hindi Serial. When I used to think about this, I used to think that it was really stupid and irrational of me to call a serial my best friend (no matter what I say on the blog, we always have those few second thoughts moments) but over time I have realised that I am not the only one. I came across a post on Facebook today about a girl who had written in appreciation of a particular serial actor who I also adore. It struck me then that we normally show appreciation for those people who have made any sort of difference in our lives or have influenced us in a certain way. Which obviously means that this girl got really influenced for any reason what so ever by that particular actor’s acting which gave her the inspiration to write in his favour.

Of course nothing I say changes that Hindi Serials can have an awful lot of drama that in real life does not happen, not with all the melodramatic background music anyway. However, during every dramatic track there is some message or the other to learn. Speaking for myself, I have realised that when a track is shown to be hard for the lead actors, all the pieces of advice given by other characters in the serial can actually be applied in real life, no matter how over emotionally the line has been said. The fact is that no story is ever totally based on fiction and even though things are drastically changed and over dramatised. In the end, they do a have a little bit of reality and the person writing out the story or directing it or even acting in it, can relate, and so can the viewers. No wonder we say fact is greater than and a lot stranger than fiction.
Obviously in the end, all this inspiration, is credit to all the awesome actors and directors and story writers and basically everyone involved in making the serial and ‘over dramatising’ it, or whatever people want to call it, but at the end of the day, I know I am not the only one who feels like her life is changing or getting influenced in a good sort of way by watching these serials. I am not the only one who has watched an ‘over dramatic’ track on a serial and felt like it has helped me build a relation or save a relation from being shattered or even helped my self-esteem grow and make my overly-conscious nature fade away into nothingness. I know that all over India, those thousands of people  (probably mostly ladies but I do know quite a few boys too) who wait eagerly for the next episode of their serial, no matter what it may be or on what channel it may air, they all feel the difference in them and I think we would all agree that at the end of every episode, there is much more to learn and understand than what meets the eye.