Black or White?

Being the ‘Little Miss Councilor’ among your acquaintances has its pros and cons. The good part, which is what I love, is that i have always get to make people feel better about themselves, teach them to love themselves for who they are but the bad part is this that sometimes I get caught between conflicts of two friends and they want to me to point out who is right and all they give me is two options. Either he is right, or I am. I mean I could have made them see reason right? But no, they want either of the two answers.
Personally, what I believe in, is that things are both black and white you have to just get into the others shoes and look at thing from their perspective so that you can understand their point of you and then maybe realise that maybe, just maybe you have gone wrong somewhere. People please, stop being blind to other perspectives just because they don’t match yours, open up to new ideas and views and explore, who knows, you may just realise that you like this new thing even better than you loved your old one. Just because you can only see one side of an object and that side is black does not mean that the person on the other side, seeing the white side of the object is wrong. Nor does it mean that you black side is better. Just shift from position and see from their position and who knows, the object just might look prettier white.

Black or White


Thank You Everybody

Whenever I want to sit down and write a tribute to someone, one thing always confuses, who should I write the tribute to? There are so many people who we meet throughout our lives and whether we are close to them or not, at some point of time in our life, they all make a difference. ย Since wordpress has told me through its Daily Prompt that tomorrow the whole community, whoever comprises my little world , is going to see my blog, I have decided to tribute everyone and thank them all.

So, in the list of all those people whom I want to thank, topping the list will obviously be my Mumma and Puppa, they are very supportive people and very understanding. They may hurt me unknowingly at times, but I know their intentions are always to do the best for me. So thank you so much for being there. Next, of course, follows my sister, she makes we do all her work but still I love her. ๐Ÿ˜› She too hurts me lots of times but I know she loves me a lot, how much, maybe no one will ever know. Next I would thank the rest of my family, my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and even those relations whom I have only heard of and never met, thank you for being a par of my family and making me lucky to have relatives as supportive and fun as all of you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Next would follow a few special friends, starting with Akhila, my bestie and a friend who is one in a million. She is lazy, crazy and often pretends to be dumb ๐Ÿ˜› But she is understanding, supportive and has made me feel special about me, thank you Akhila for always being there. Next will follow Neha, what would I do without her. Her inspiring words and smiling face puts all my troubles at rest. Her stress free attitude has helped me change my perspective in life. Thank you for coming to my life a God sent Angle. Next would be the ‘Great Visalakshi’ ๐Ÿ˜› Jokes apart, she has made a drastic change in my life and helped me be strong, and of course taught me to be responsible and organised. Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ Next comes of course Aadil, the guy with a low self esteem of himself but always there to encourage me and listen to my problems. My face is enough to tell him when I am upset, my mouth never needs to speak only. I still wonder how we were enemies in fourth grade, such silly kids. Thank you for coming into my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ Next is Anwesha, what would I do without a friend like you who listens and understands. Thank you for coming into my life, even though it has been only a small amount of time, you have made a huge difference.Next would be none other thank Saurav Dada for alwyas being that big brother whom I have never had and showing me the right way and always being so supportive. Thank you so much. Next will come of course IPKKND! That is something that must not be forgotten. First I would love to thank the directors, Lalit Mohan and Arshad Khan for making such a wonderful serial. Next I would like to thank the Production House, 4 Lions Films which would of course include thanking Gul Khan. then I would love to thank every single one of the actors, Sanaya Irani, for making that Khushi come to life who inspired me to be different and be strong, Barun Sobti, for making the ASR come to life and showing me why people behave in certain ways, Deepali Pansare for making the sweetest Payal ever, Akshay Dogra for being the cutest brother and Akash ever, Dajeet Bhanot, for making the cutest sister as Anjali, Abhaas Mehta, for making the best villain ever and for making me love to hate you ๐Ÿ˜› Utkarsha Nair for making me laugh with you ‘Hello Hie Bye Bye’ even when I was upset, Jayshree.T for aking the most adorable Nani ever, Karan Goddwani for making the most lovable brother i wish I had as NK, Sanjay Batra for being such an understanding father and enlightening me with some very good philosophies on life, Pyomori Mehta for being such a nice Garima, Abha Parmar, for being such a nice and cute Buaji, Swati Chintis, for being such a nice Dadi, whom again I loved to hate, Sana Khan for being such an awesome Lavanya ot La ๐Ÿ˜› Madhura Naik for being an awesome villain Sheetal and Finally Vishhesh Bansal for being the cute little Aarav. Without all of you, IPKKND would have never been what it was. It is a shame it had to end. Also I would LOVE to thank everybody else behind the success of this great show and making it my best friend.
After all this, I would love to thank everyone else who has come in to my life, be it for a moment for a long period of time, all you people have contributed in making a huge difference in my life. All my classmates since I was a kid till now, in 9th, for being such entertaining friends. Thanks to all those people who have hurt, insulted and back-stabbed me, because all of you have helped me in being stronger.
And Finally thank you to the most important person, Devimaiyya (God) without whom, I would have broken long ago, but She gave me strength to be strong, Thank you so much.
There is not one person in my life so far who has not made a difference. You may not have given solutions to me problems but you have helped me laugh, smile, enjoy and helped me become stronger. Thank you everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday’s Daily Post


Laugh, it enhances the glow on your face.
Live life to the fullest, it is too short to live it filled with worries.
Life, enjoy every moment of this wonderful adventure
Lose, it is something we do sometimes, but failures should be accepted with a smile.
Lonely and insecure, it is something we feel sometimes, left behind, but it helps us become stronger.
Luck, it may ditch us sometimes but have faith.
Loyal, be a friend who describes this adjective.
Love, even the people who hate you, make the worldย  a better place ๐Ÿ˜€

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Don’t Let it Slip

If I could pause life and spend time with my family, it wouldn’t be anywhere in particular, but would be a place where we could all play our usual family games. In our rush of daily life, sometimes we forget our own family. At office colleagues are there to give us company, at school it is friends, but we forget that in a place called home there is a family, and it is always they in the end who’ll really be there. It often seems like, our house is just this place where we come to take rest after a tiring and long day, and a place where we eat. But that makes a house, not a home. A home is not built just with bricks but each brick has a unique warmth and love. That is why if I could stop time I’d stop it to play the various family games that we play. Hangman, Skateboarding, Angry Birds, JAM and so many more. Even though we do play these games quite often, more often than not it is in a hurry. My dad has to think of what he is going to in office the next day, my mom is busy wondering what she should cook for dinner, my sister is thinking which assignment’s deadline she has to meet and I am wondering what homework I have submit the next day. But since this can only be a fragment of my imagination, I’d rather play these games as often as I can and store these sweet moments up in my memories, making sure, I don’t let it slip.

I love you my Family ๐Ÿ™‚

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Why Did I hate Snape?

When I started reading Harry Potter this year, the only person I thought I could possibly hate was Voldemort, I mean who doesn’t hate him? But as I continued to read, I realized that I detested Snape just as much as I hated Voldemort and maybe, in some points of time, even more. I used go to bed at night, cursing Snape and wishing that he died. I used tell all these feelings to my sister, who had already read the series of book before. When I used to curse Snape, she used to always tell me to try and not hate Snape because I’d regret it later, but I always laughed it off. Then I reached the later books and it seemed that maybe Snape wasn’t that bad, even though I didn’t love him or something, he was okay. But then he killed Dumbledore, and I made my sister’s poor ears sore by making her listen to how she had told me not to hate Snape that much and what he had ended up doing. I was angry at everyone, Snape, my sister, Dumbledore (Though I don’t know why) but I was. Then I reached the last book, where many more people died along the way, and many more tears were shed from my eyes, and then I came to know that Snape had killed Dumbledore, because Dumbledore had asked him to do so. I was stunned and didn’t know how to react. Later in the book Snape died and that’s when it struck me why my sister used to tell me not to hate Snape. I cried buckets of tears with regret, upset at myself, wondering why I cursed him and why I hated him, and now, he’s gone.

Life is something similar, you have to be be careful what you speak to someone and how you speak to someone, we never know, when it is the last time we’ll meet them, and then we’ll sit and regret just like I did, after Snape died.




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Passing With Flying Colours

I love teaching. Maybe I do because it kind of runs in my blood, after all, my mom, dad, aunt and Grandfather, they all teach.
Since I am known for being a good teacher in the class, I am always approached by my classmates for help, which I gladly do.

So, two years ago, one of my classmate, who used to face a lot of trouble in Math, came to me for help. I looked at the question he was stuck in and showed him how to do a sum like that with another example. He thanked me and went. I was not sure he had really understood or not since he was very playful by nature, still I let him go. The next day, as my Math sir was discussing the sums, he came and stopped at the sum in which I had helped my friend the previous day. Looking around the class, he asked which of the students would like to solve the sum on the board, to everyone’s surprise, Abdul (The boy whom I helped), raised his hand. The teacher called him to the front of the class and handed him the chalk. Being his first time, that he was solving a sum on the board with the whole class looking, he was extremely nervous. He turned and started writing on the board, his hands shivering so much that not even his 1 came straight. Slowly and carefully he did out the sum on the board and it came out right! He was praised by teacher and he felt proud.
As I sat in my place, watching him being praised, tears came to my eyes. He was the boy with the most playful nature in class, and hardly had any interest in studies and yet, he had gone to the board and done out the sum. I felt like a proud teacher whose student had passed the test. On the way back to his place, he came to me and asked me, “Did I do it okay?”
I just looked at his uncertain expression for a second and then smiled saying, “You did perfect.”
My answer made his face brighten up with a smile. He then thanked me profusely and went back to his place, happy with his achievement, and I watched, with proud tears in my eyes, as my student went back to his place happily after passing his test with flying colors.

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Another World

We smell the essence of each and everything around us. We smell the flowers around us, filling the air with a beautiful aroma. We sometimes smell the perfume of a best friend who is walking next to us. But some smells are just abstract. In the sense, they are not really things that you can smell but rather something that you feel. But somehow, in some indescribable way, they too can be smelled. And that one abstract thing, that when I smell transports me to another beautiful world is the most pure four lettered word, LOVE.

Love is a special feeling that can be found everywhere. If you walk down the streets, you’ll find a couple holding hands and walking happily, or maybe a brother helping his little sister to walk, or maybe just two best friends laughing and talking. They are all different types of people, with different thoughts but the one thing that connects them all, is love. The feeling to always stand up for someone you care, that is love. The feeling of always making them smile, that is love. The feeling to protect them all the time and make sure that no harm comes to them, that is love. The feeling to die yourself but make sure that not even the smallest of all troubles get to them, that is love. A feeling that two lovers share when they engrave their names on trees, the feeling that a mother feels, when she holds her new born child in her hand, a feeling that a sister feels when her brother hugs her tight to make her feel safe, all this is nothing but a simple feeling of love.

Love is simple, all you need to do is admit that you do love, if not to the person you love, at least to yourself, but we all make it complex. We either have ego, fear or just too much hatred within us to open up to ourselves and see where the love in our heart is.
So look around you and find that one person in your life for whom you’d be ready to do anything, for whom you’d be ready to lose anything, for whom you’d be ready to sacrifice anything. Find that one special person who has brought sunshine into your dark life, that one person who has made way for rays of hope to enter between clouds of hopelessness, and admit it to the person, whether it be your mom, your dad, your sister or any friend whom you love. Throw all your ego, all your fear and all your hatred and hug that person and tell them you love them, confess to them and smell the purity of the most beautiful feeling that transports to ‘Another World’.

Another World

Dear Dada

By nature I am not at all a frank person. My trust has been shattered many times and therefore, from experience, I am scared to trust anyone fully. Till a few years back, my only trust would be Akhila, but nearly two years ago, you came into my life. My first impression of you was that you were very quiet and reserved, and in a way, maybe my judgment about you was not wrong. But what did go wrong in that judgment was that I missed out a few very important details about you and well, I did not know just how important they’d be in my life.

I know that very often, by what people say and think about you, you feel hurt and down and low about yourself, but dada, you have no idea just how special you are. You are one unique person in this world and no one can ever replace you. You might not be the best person in the entire world and you may have many drawbacks but you still are very special, in your own unique way. You have qualities in you that are so nice, but you fail to recognize them because you go by what people tell and think about you. Dada, I know I have told this to you before but i just need to tell you again that you are that amazing big brother whom I always wished for, but never had. Dada thank you for always being there.

Lots of Love

Chamkeeli (Sunshine)

Big Bro

A Story from A-Z

A beautiful Monday morning greeted me as I woke up, I wanted to go out and enjoy the day. But as it was a Monday, I needed to get up and get ready for school. Cursing my luck, I got up and went towards the washroom to get ready. Dreaming about that day as I was having a bath, made me late for my bus. Exasperated at being late, I hurried to finish my breakfast and get to the bus-stand. Finally, after running till my bus-stand, I reached there just in time for my bus to leave. Giving my thanks to God for saving me, I went and took a seat. Hoping that the day would be less exhausting than how it had started, I watched as the scenery, rushed past me, as the bus went on its way to school. I reached school, and walked lazily towards my class, surprised at the how unusually quite the corridors were. Just as I reached my class and kept my bag on the chair, I realized that all the children had already left for the morning assembly. Keeping my bag properly on the chair, I rushed out of class, towards the hall, to join my class.
โ€œLate again?โ€ a voice asked behind me, as I crept into the hall to take my place without being noticed.
Mumbling curses at whoever had caught me being late for the second time that I week, I turned to face the person who had spoken. Niharika Maโ€™mโ€™s stern face greeted my face as I turned around.
โ€œOh God!โ€ I thought, โ€œDid she have to catch me again?โ€ Patting my dress to brush away the wrinkles on it, I started at her as I wondered how I was supposed to answer her question. Quite a while passed in the odd silence and now I was starting to get nervous. Realizing that she was waiting for me to answer the question, all I could do was silently nod. Still looking at me with the same frustration in her eyes, she walked away from there. Until her figure completely disappeared I just stood there, expecting the worst. Valuable time kept ticking as I just stood there, wondering if I should go and join my class or continue to stand there. Wishing the assembly would get over a little faster, I just kept standing there like a pillar. Xylophones played in the background, as the assembly carried on. Yes, I thought as the xylophones played the beats of the school anthem, it just showed that the assembly was going to end. Zealously I prayed that my day wouldn’t get nay worse that this.

Story From A-Z

My Best Friend

My Best Friend

For calling a serial my best friend, people call me silly, mad, eccentric even, but I say that if a serial has been able to be there for me like a friend, if it has been able make me laugh when I was upset, if it has been able to give me strength when i was scared, then I think, it deserves to be given the credit of being called a best friend.

Thank you for always being there ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ (IPKKND)