Happy Rakhi :)

Firstly, to all those who don’t know what Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is, let me tell you that it a festival of Hindus. It is celebrated between brother and sister. It is a sign that a brother will always protect his sister. 🙂

Well, it is so said that only a brother can protect his sister and only an elder can protect the younger. Well, this Rakhi, that is today, to break this crazy notion, I have kept a fast. They say that if in full purity to ask a wish to God, He always fulfills it. They also say that fasting is a way of gaining that purity. So I am fasting and before breaking my fast will pray that God protects my sister, my Dada, my three cousins, Bordi, Riju and Tinnni and always keep them safe. I pray that of ever they have any troubles in life, God give them to me me. I pray that God gives all their troubles, pains and problems to me and I hope they have a happy, prosperous and safe life ahead. 🙂

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all Brothers 🙂