Unlabeled Burdens

So I am giving slam poetry a shot, so this my first attempt. So it is based against the idea of Friends with Benefits relationship, where we usually know, one person falls emotionally weak for the other and brings 10 other complications. I am attempting to give it a shot from the girl’s perspective.

So, we didn’t kiss again tonight,
It’s okay, don’t worry, it doesn’t make you a jerk,
I know we are all busy caught up with work, and it’s not like you only call me,
when you have things to be done.
And at the end of the day, more than all the wild make out sessions,
I like it when you hold me tight, kiss my shoulders or hug just right,
for when I cry, with my tears leaving saline water marks on your shirt.

And though I have no rights to say,
it makes me uncomfortable when in the middle of the day,
I see you talk to other girls and wonder,
when, like for everyone else, I’ll stop being good enough for you;
That moment when the beam balance shifts all the weight on one side,
because my needs for you will outweigh your need for me,
And I’ll just be a last resort, when nothing else works out.

And I know you’ll tell me it’s your fault,
but trust me when I say that it’s not,
Because it’s my fear and insecurities,
that give rise to baseless and irrational thoughts.
Baseless…Or maybe not, because I’m just so scared,
You’ll be just another nightmare.
A repeat telecast.