Happy Father’s Day

This letter is written straight from my heart to a man who is very special in my life and will continue to hold a special place that no one will be able to replace.Dear Puppa,

Let’s face it, we are not very close. We don’t talk too much with each other. You hardly ever know what’s up with my friends and school and I don;t about your office life is either. Through all this I have often told you, though i don’t know how often you have really understood that Puppa, I really love you. You are an amazing man. the most awesome dad one could ever wish for. The one who sits next to me in the evenings no matter how tired he is, telling me what sin and cos are. The one who’ll always remind me that potential difference and electric potential have a difference. the one who’ll keep reminding me without fail just how important it for me to do well. the one who’ll always plan out the most amazing family fun times for new year and Christmas and other awesome occasions. The one who make amazing plans for going out for movies and never even tells us the one who watches all our choreographed dances hundred times and still watches it again. the one who is always just there, like a wall in a house. You don’t need to confirm everyday if they are there or not, you just know, they are there, keeping you safe from the cold, the heat, intruders and all sorts of problems.
Thank you Puppa for being such an awesome dad that everyone is jealous of me. Thank you for being such an awesome dad who takes my insecurities and kicks them away like Pele. thank you for being there. Thank you for being the awesome manthat you are.

Here’s wishing you a happy and amazing father’s day!!!


We are Human!

I believe in equality of everyone regardless of caste, creed, religion and gender. But let’s all face it, no matter what we say or do, even today women are often treated like they are inferior to men. And I normally would not have said anything but well, today something just caught my eye that made me feel that I need to say something. But before I say anything else, let me also say that I don’t think that all men are the same and I know that there are some very awesome men out there. Hey, I know some REALLY awesome men in my life and I’m sure all of you do but i have also met some really stupid and creepy men who think that women are objects that can be used and then thrown away once you are bored of it so to all you men who think that way, hi. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but you need to know this that the way you think, is wrong. Women have NOT been brought to this Earth for being objects to you. We are humans just like you and we have our rights, just like you and we will not stand being treated like show-pieces that have to be kept in your closets! We will fight and we will let you know that yes, we may not be physically as strong as you at times, but we are not going to sit and watch you treat us and thousands of other women like us as objects.

There was something I found on news that caught my eyes.And let me tell you, I was as angry as the father. ‘How to keep men Interested’ you say. Do we look like T.V shows or movies to you? Because the last time I looked at myself in the mirror I was a human, just like you and not a show that you control with a remote. The man who wrote this letter, the father who wrote to his daughter, was right. We are not born to keep you interested. If you want to know me, know me for what my heart holds, not for what my breasts hold. like me for the way I think and for the way I am, NOT for the curves in my body! I don’t know how you can even have this thought because I doubt if you had a sister, cousin or a mom, if you would look at her in that way. And if you do, then they need to throw you so far away form their lives that not just them, you can’t see another women in you life. I don’t know what makes you think that you have the right to a see women in anyway you like and use them and trow them away like waste paper. How would you like to be treated like that? How would you like being treated like a show-piece? Think about it, think about how people like you have been treating women and how you would have felt if you were treated that way, that is of course, if you have any feeling left in you. You don’t feel pain, love happiness anything! You just have lust, your eyes burn with lust! And after reading all this, you still don’t know how to respect women, don’t know how to treat women, here’s something else for you. Something else you should read and something else that will make you open your eyes.

Before I sign off, I want to once again remind everyone reading this that this does not imply to all men and it’s not just men and even women can be as bad sometimes. I just wanted people who think that we women are their exhibits to explore, let me tell you NO SIR! You can go to a art gallery to feast your eyes but my body is not on show.