Unlucky.. Really???

Yesterday was the Friday the 13th. Well, I didn’t really know till this morning I saw a post on my reader. I though for a while, had my day been unlucky? Bad? In fact had anything gone wrong?? In fact my day went just perfect. I wonder where have all these superstitions come from. I mean stuff like, if a black cat crosses your path, it will be bad luck. I mean the poor cat is just crossing the bloody road. You don’t own the road do you?? The cat can walk wherever it likes, you don’t have any right on it. Then my Mom believes that if you see a lone Mayna, it’s bad luck. Really? Have we ever wondered how we would feel if we were called bad luck for just crossing someone’s path?? I mean all we do us cross the path and Tadaa!! we are bad luck. In fact, maybe black cats should call us bad luck right? Because whenever it crosses our path, it gets accused for something it hasn’t done, so we become bad luck to it right?
Life is full of ups and downs. The ups in our life come through our hard work and the downs in our life come either because we do something, or some fool is telling us something that is affecting us adversely. The best way to ease the pain of the downs is by admitting the mistake if it is ours and by ignoring words about us that we know are lies.
Smile and live life to the fullest cause the wrinkle above your eye-brows that form when you are tensed, upset or worried, snatch the beauty that God has given you, from your face 🙂


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