How Time Flies

It seems just yesterday, when I was sitting in front of the computer, shedding tears, bidding my friend, IPKKND, goodbye. And now, here I am, celebrating, one year since this on screen couple, got married on screen. It seems so hard to imagine that one year has already passed since that wedding, where I screamed and jumped with joy with my friends, glad that this fictitious couple had finally got married. And in the next two months, it’ll be one year since IPKKND got over. The whole year seems to have passed within a blink of the eye. It is not like haven’t done anything all year, I have done lots, yet it seems to be so fast. In fact, now that I think about it, it seems like just a few days ago I entered ninth and here I am now, writing my half yearly exams. This makes me think, in all the rush of life, we forget to do little things that make someone smile. We forget to tell a person we love, just how important they are, we forget to wish a friend Happy Birthday, we forget to give a shoulder to cry to that person who needs consolation. Why? Because we are too busy with ourselves. We always think, it’s her birthday, I’ll wish her later. She was upset today, maybe I should check on her, but I’ll do it later. Maybe I should tell my mom how important she is to me, but she already knows that, so I’ll tell her some other time.
Unfortunately, the ‘later’ and ‘some other time’ never come and as we watch time pass, before long we know that the day’s over and we never wished happy birthday though she was waiting for your call, we never told our mom that she makes the best food in the world even though she made it specially for us with love, and we never called to know why our friend was upset even though she desperately needed you. We are just so full of ourselves and our lives and our needs that we forget that even others exist in the world who do things for us and deserve to be thanked. If water falls in the class, we call an uncle to clean it, but we never bother to tell him thank you. When you need something, your dad is the first person who you turn to but we never tell him thank you. Wake up people! The world has more to it than just us. Thank the people who deserve to be thanked, hug the people who need it. Thank you, sorry, a hug or a smile take a few seconds to do, it won’t take away our time. You probably feel that a small hug, won’t make a difference, but we don’t know just how much of a difference it does make. So go and hug the person nearest to you and tell him just how important he is. Go call a friend who was looking upset today, just to find out if she is fine. Go thank a person who has done you a favour just to let then know how helpful they have been. Give the people what they deserve. Make the later today. Make the later now. Make the later this moment.



Don’t Let it Slip

If I could pause life and spend time with my family, it wouldn’t be anywhere in particular, but would be a place where we could all play our usual family games. In our rush of daily life, sometimes we forget our own family. At office colleagues are there to give us company, at school it is friends, but we forget that in a place called home there is a family, and it is always they in the end who’ll really be there. It often seems like, our house is just this place where we come to take rest after a tiring and long day, and a place where we eat. But that makes a house, not a home. A home is not built just with bricks but each brick has a unique warmth and love. That is why if I could stop time I’d stop it to play the various family games that we play. Hangman, Skateboarding, Angry Birds, JAM and so many more. Even though we do play these games quite often, more often than not it is in a hurry. My dad has to think of what he is going to in office the next day, my mom is busy wondering what she should cook for dinner, my sister is thinking which assignment’s deadline she has to meet and I am wondering what homework I have submit the next day. But since this can only be a fragment of my imagination, I’d rather play these games as often as I can and store these sweet moments up in my memories, making sure, I don’t let it slip.

I love you my Family 🙂

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After toiling for what seems like ages, my exam are finally here so guys please pass to me all the positive energy you can pray that I do well and that my hard work pays of. 🙂

Unlucky.. Really???

Unlucky.. Really???

Yesterday was the Friday the 13th. Well, I didn’t really know till this morning I saw a post on my reader. I though for a while, had my day been unlucky? Bad? In fact had anything gone wrong?? In fact my day went just perfect. I wonder where have all these superstitions come from. I mean stuff like, if a black cat crosses your path, it will be bad luck. I mean the poor cat is just crossing the bloody road. You don’t own the road do you?? The cat can walk wherever it likes, you don’t have any right on it. Then my Mom believes that if you see a lone Mayna, it’s bad luck. Really? Have we ever wondered how we would feel if we were called bad luck for just crossing someone’s path?? I mean all we do us cross the path and Tadaa!! we are bad luck. In fact, maybe black cats should call us bad luck right? Because whenever it crosses our path, it gets accused for something it hasn’t done, so we become bad luck to it right?
Life is full of ups and downs. The ups in our life come through our hard work and the downs in our life come either because we do something, or some fool is telling us something that is affecting us adversely. The best way to ease the pain of the downs is by admitting the mistake if it is ours and by ignoring words about us that we know are lies.
Smile and live life to the fullest cause the wrinkle above your eye-brows that form when you are tensed, upset or worried, snatch the beauty that God has given you, from your face 🙂

Why Did I hate Snape?

When I started reading Harry Potter this year, the only person I thought I could possibly hate was Voldemort, I mean who doesn’t hate him? But as I continued to read, I realized that I detested Snape just as much as I hated Voldemort and maybe, in some points of time, even more. I used go to bed at night, cursing Snape and wishing that he died. I used tell all these feelings to my sister, who had already read the series of book before. When I used to curse Snape, she used to always tell me to try and not hate Snape because I’d regret it later, but I always laughed it off. Then I reached the later books and it seemed that maybe Snape wasn’t that bad, even though I didn’t love him or something, he was okay. But then he killed Dumbledore, and I made my sister’s poor ears sore by making her listen to how she had told me not to hate Snape that much and what he had ended up doing. I was angry at everyone, Snape, my sister, Dumbledore (Though I don’t know why) but I was. Then I reached the last book, where many more people died along the way, and many more tears were shed from my eyes, and then I came to know that Snape had killed Dumbledore, because Dumbledore had asked him to do so. I was stunned and didn’t know how to react. Later in the book Snape died and that’s when it struck me why my sister used to tell me not to hate Snape. I cried buckets of tears with regret, upset at myself, wondering why I cursed him and why I hated him, and now, he’s gone.

Life is something similar, you have to be be careful what you speak to someone and how you speak to someone, we never know, when it is the last time we’ll meet them, and then we’ll sit and regret just like I did, after Snape died.




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Am I that Bad?

When I was a girl of 3 years, I joined ISM and started schooling there from KG-1. Well, I was one of the youngest girl in my class since I was studying one class higher than I was supposed to but I guess I adjusted quite okay. I can’t really remember how my KG- 1 and KG-2 went but I remember that ever since I was in first grade, my schooling became a nightmare. The word ‘school’ sent shivers down my back, probably it was like being sent to Azkaban or maybe to those Gas Chambers that Hitler used to send the Jews to. But obviously one can’t bunk school everyday, can they? So I went to school and spent three and the half years friendless and then towards the middle of fourth grade, I became friends with this boy, who we shall name ‘A’. well, since he was my first friend, we got close and then I felt I ‘fell for him’. Well obviously, it was only a childhood infatuation and I got over it and all but I was a fool, I told him how I felt and ever since I went to fifth grade and our classes got shuffled, he has never spoken to me again. I was heart-broken and hurt for ages, but in fifth I met two girls who we’ll name ‘Ar’ and ‘Ad’, well, they made me realize that he was not worth my friendship and not worth crying over so I pushed myself and got over it.  But at the end of fifth grade they both back-stabbed me and once again I was left lonely. When I went to sixth grade, it was another new class with fresh faces, and as I stood staring at the class, I was scared and nervous about whom to choose as friends because I knew, the friend I would choose in this class, would be with me for the next three years. I chose two girls as my friends because I knew them, some what vaguely from before, but once again at the end of sixth, I was back-stabbed. Well, as school school went on and I promoted with this class from sixth to seventh and seventh to eighth with the same classmates, the class became united and one happy class, with small enmities here and there which can be ignored. But maybe experience hadn’t taught me anything or maybe it is just my values that made me to this, but I gave the two girls who had back-stabbed me the previous year (In sixth) another chance, and this time, they insulted me, making me cry and break down. In the middle of seventh I finally got close to Neha and she became a very good friend after that. I finally and properly got over ‘A’ and gave still another chance to the two girls which in eighth they yet again took and threw away by insulting me in eighth, but this time I didn’t mind that much because I had Neha in my life for support and my class, was like a family and they gave me immense support through everything and so all was going well, except that those to two girls and another boy ‘W’, were ignoring me. Then I came to ninth, my class became shuffled again but my old classmates were still a close family and we always met. But here I am in ninth, once again in square one. I am staring out of the window, and thinking about this other guy who was my last year’s classmate, and we were good friends and he is now ignoring me. I tried talking to him and all he said was, “I don’t feel like talking to you.” This makes me realize even in India there are two girls I know ‘K’ and ‘S’ who don’t like me either, they talk bad about me behind my back, but I know it.
Every year, I find someone or the other,, who doesn’t like me, and ignores me. All of them can’t be stupid right? As I stand and watch all these people with turned backs (Other that ‘W’ who I am talking to again properly), and I really so bad? So bad, that every year there is someone or the other, who finds a reason to ignore me or best, for no reason at all?