Ever since I have heard people talking about me, I have always been known as the shadow of my sister. I never remember having an individual identity, in fact even to my parents, I seemed to be a shadow, not anyone different. And maybe for this I have no one but myself to blame. I have never really done anything special or anything even ordinary for that matter to have an identity. However, as I grew up, I changed. I became independent and started having my own free thoughts. I did things with more determination and had aims and dreams that I wanted to make true, on my own. I felt that now I was doing something to enough to be regarded as an individual and not just someone’s sister. However, last year after a PTA at school, I realized that even today I don’t have an individual identity. I am still just someone’s sister. Frankly, I don’t care what the world thinks but when my own parents don’t give me that unique identity that I deserve, who else will I expect from? If I tell my sister, she’d tell me that it is my own fault, and I wouldn’t disagree but it has been quite a while since I changed and became more independent, if not in anyone else’s mind, do I not deserve an identity in my parents mind?
If blog could change one thing of my life, I’d hope that it would be giving me the identity of an individual person and not just a shadow of my sister at least to my parents.

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt


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