Lats night at the dinner table, as I watched my dad talking to my sister, I started to wonder about the various kinds of people who exist in the world. I mean, there is my friend Neha, who talks a lot but listens also just as much. Then there is my grandmother, who loves to listen. I mean every time I go to visit her or she comes here, I talk and talk and well, talk some more 😛 and yet she listens to everything I say. Then there is Akhila, my best buddy, whose ears must have turned sore listening to me so much and whose hands must be permanently wet from from wiping the tears from my eyes. And then there is my dad, who never lets me speak only. Hardly do I open my mouth to let out two words that I am interrupted.
The world is a huge place, full of various types of people. Each person who enters our life seems like a new character of this movie called ‘Life’. Each with different views, thoughts, perspectives and angles to different problems. However, over the years and generations, as times have changes, most children of today, try to reach the same destination, growing up. From where I see, most people of today’s generation regard fun as being immature. They all want to behave grown up and do whatever they think that only grown ups can do. Maybe that is why I often feel left out and different in the crowd of my classmates. They all feel that laughing a bit too loud, jumping excitedly and doing other  usual things that any kid normally does is immature, dumb and stupid. But I feel it is being different. Having your own, unique and individual thoughts and ideas and not doing things because, well, that’s how it’s done. But the way a unique attitude is greeted, it seems like it is wrong to be different. Wrong to have individual thoughts. Wrong to have own perspectives, all you have to do is be what people want you to be. Do what the society and people around feel is right. But is being unique really wrong? Does my different nature, and being what I want to be, make me a wrong doer?


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