Sometimes in our life we bump into such a person who after knowing for a while get close to and start calling our best friend. But who is a Best Friend? What kind of people can be categorized under the title of a best friend? What is that one unique thing about that person or what is that special place that he has managed to win in your heart that he can be called a best friend?
These are probably questions very easy to answer. Each person you ask will give you different answers. Some will say that ‘she is the my best friend because she listens and understands me’ while someone else may say that ‘he is my best friend because he is always there with me during my hard times’ and so on. However, summing up all the various  answers we can say a person, who understands us, listens to us, holds our hand to guide us no matter how dark it is, someone who gives you a shoulder to cry when you need, someone who makes you smile, gives you strength even during your hardest time, someone you can be yourself with and all in all someone who you can rely on is a person who you would call a best friend.

The types and kind of friends we can have is countless. Some of them are the ones who talk less and listen more while others who talk and listen while still others who are hyper and others who are shy. However, what would you think if I told you that my best friend is a serial. If you are surprised with what you have just read then rub your eyes and read it again because it will still remain the same.

I met my best friend on 13th August 2012 at Thekeddy, Kerela and even though it got over in November I still watch all old episodes. Most people who I tell this to either laugh at me or call me simply mad. But I always ask why would you call me mad. I mean I know this sounds eccentric but if I told you that this serial has given me all that a best friend gives then would still laugh at me? This serial has been my strength when I had lost hope, been there to make me smile when I have cried, showed me value of relations and made me stop and think if what I am doing is right. Today if I am a different and happier person and have learnt to smile I’d give maximum credit to the serial for teaching me to count the joys I have in life rather than the sorrows. For teaching me to find reasons to smile.

If you knew me one year ago, and you saw me now, you’d never believe that it was the same me. Last year, my face never glowed as much it glows now, it never looked genuinely happy like it looks today. Even after all this would you call me eccentric and mad for calling this serial my best friend.
Often we don’t give things the value they deserve and don’t give them their worthy. That is why I don’t want to let this opportunity slip from my hand as I have it. I want to thank it for being there for me, for making me smile, for making me realize who I am and I what is my purpose of life.

Thank you IPKKND for always being there.



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